Historical Security Council

Level: Intermediate

On 25 April 1945, delegations representing 50 Allied Nations convened in San Francisco, United States of America to draft a charter creating an international body more effective than the League of Nations. During the conference, delegates participated in heated debates on diverse topics, from the Economic and Social Council to the prevention of use of force, to the Security Council, and to the Trusteeship System. Since its inception, the United Nations has responded to crises across the globe.

Delegates in this committee will be taking part in a historical simulation of a previous United Nations crisis.


  1. The Iranian Revolution, 1978

The Committee's Study Guide can be found here.

The Committee's Rules of Procedure will be released soon ahead of our Position Paper due date for delegates.

Email address for Committee Presidents - cuimun.xxv.hsc@gmail.com

 Jess Reeve


Jess Reeve

20, British and American

Occupation: Economics and Politics student at the University of York

MUN Experience: She’s attended 12 conferences over two years, and has a special fondness for Crisis, UNSC and all things historical, so she’s very excited to be chairing the Historical Security Council at CUIMUN this year. Jess is also Secretary General for YorkMUN.

Hobbies: Her hobbies include watching a lot of Netflix, starting to write novels she’ll never finish and spending far too much money and time on MUN.

Fun Fact: Jess (briefly) appeared on the BBC Conservative Leaders’ debate earlier this year, where she was slated to ask a question but was cut for time. The irony of her selection is not lost on her, a borderline socialist.

 Sara Fay


Sara Fay

18, American

Occupation: International Relations and History student at the University of St Andrew's

MUN Experience: MUN has been a part of her life for the last eight years, which if you do the maths, has been more than a third of her life. Thankfully, Sara doesn’t usually do maths since her degree is International Relations and History.

Hobbies: In terms of hobbies, Sara enjoys not sleeping, reading, drinking coffee and going to the gym.

Fun Fact: She wants to apologise in advance for all of the history jokes she will probably make in committee that you’re probably not going to laugh at. She doesn’t really mean the apology since she’ll still make the jokes anyway – but you get what she means.

 Anna-Leah Gebühr

Vice President

Anna-Leah Gebühr

18, German

Occupation: War Studies student at King's College London

MUN Experience: She has been involved in MUN since coming to University, and has been a delegate, staff member and Chair across a variety of conferences. This will be Anna-Leah’s second time chairing at CUIMUN, and she is looking forward to returning to the beautiful city of Cambridge for an amazing weekend!

Hobbies: (Editor's note - hasn't mentioned any, so would assume this is just more MUN)

Fun Fact: Anna-Leah focuses on conflict prevention and the Middle East in her studies, and also studies Arabic.