Security Council (UNSC)

Level: Advanced

The Security Council (UNSC) is the most powerful decision-making body of the UN. 

With fifteen members (five of them permanent, and ten of them non-permanent), the Security Council has for instance the power to authorise military intervention and international sanctions. 

The Security Council is a small committee for experienced delegates.


  1. The Question of the Uyghur Peoples

The Committee's Study Guide can be found here.

This Committee's Rules of Procedure will be released soon ahead of our Position Paper due date for delegates.

Email address for Committee Presidents -

 Thomas Ron


Thomas Ron

25, American, French, Israeli, British

Occupation: Politics PhD student at the University of York

MUN Experience: Thomas has been attending MUN conferences for just shy of 11 years. CUIMUN holds a special significance for Thomas as the first UK-based conference he attended, and the one that he has been to the most (this will be his 8th CUIMUN!)

Hobbies: When Thomas is not doing his PhD or MUN he enjoys cooking, going on walks and watching late night comedy shows.

Fun Fact: Thomas was born in New York City to a French mother and an Israeli father and since his British naturalisation in 2018 he has held four nationalities (American, French, Israeli and British). This international citizenship has given Thomas a profound interest in international relations and diplomacy, which is part of what led him to Model UN in his American High School and why he chooses to continue participating.

 Zoe Braddick


Zoe Braddick

18, British

Occupation: Politics and Economics student at the University of Reading

MUN Experience: Originally from Somerset, in the South West of England, she started her MUN career back in 2011 on the promise of investigating exciting topics in a greater amount of depth than she would typically be allowed to. This resulted in her being thrown into a conference with participants who were on average 6 to 7 years older than her – nevertheless, this allowed for one of her most exciting weekends and it drew her into the world of MUN that she still loves 50 conferences later!

Hobbies: Zoe is a great fan of opera, musical theatre and classical music, having performed in four operas as a chorus member over the last few years. She is always willing to discuss the anti-capitalist background of Wagner’s music or anything involving singing.

Fun Fact: Zoe was employed by the Disney Channel to do an advert for them when she was younger, after a concert performed with the London Gospel Choir!

 Johanna Li

Vice President

Johanna Li

20, German and Chinese

Occupation: War Studies student at King's College London

MUN Experience: Johanna has been involved in MUN since she was 12 years old, having since attended over 30 conferences on three continents, specialising in security and disarmament related committees. She is also currently the President of the KCLUNA.

Hobbies: Outside of MUN, she teaches underprivileged children debate and critical thinking skills (secretly trying to convert them to the MUN lifestyle).

Fun Fact: Johanna is fluent in English, German and Chinese.