World Health Organisation (WHO)

Level: Intermediate

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its primary role is to coordinate cooperation of member states regarding international health issue. 

The WHO will be a large beginner-friendly committee.


  1. Assessing the efforts towards the implementation of Universal Health Coverage
  2. Identifying and tackling the issues associated with low birth-weight babies

The Committee's Study Guide can be found here.

The Committee's Rules of Procedure will be released soon ahead of our Position Paper due date for delegates.

Email address for Committee Directors -

 Monika Patriarchea


Monika Patriarchea

20, Greek

Occupation: Studies something at SciencesPo / exchange student at King's College London

MUN Experience: She is absolutely in love with MUN even after a real UN experience along with the Greek Mission.

Hobbies: Monika is a fan of dancing and travelling all around the world. She is particularly curious to see the promising socials of this year's conference!

Fun Fact: TBC

 John-Paul Duddy

Assistant Director

John-Paul Duddy

18, British

Occupation: Politics student at King's College London

MUN Experience: Whilst I’ve only been doing MUN for one year, I’ve managed to get quite a few conferences under my belt in that time. I’ve been a delegate at a number of conferences across Europe, and I’ve now started getting into chairing. I’m also on Secretariat for two upcoming conferences and I’m on the committee of my university MUN society so MUN is certainly keeping me busy!

Hobbies: When he manages to escape studying and MUN, John-Paul enjoys food (snacking, cooking, eating, the lot – he’s probably susceptible to food-based bribery), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, listening to music and travelling.

Fun Fact: John-Paul has an odd passion for penguins and the best rollercoaster he’s ever been on is precisely that because it involved a slower section so he could see penguins going about their daily business.

 Diane Audras

Assistant Director

Diane Audras

20, French

Occupation: Statistics, Economics and Mandarin student at University College London

MUN Experience: She started MUN during her first year at university and has so far attended conferences in Europe including LIMUN and PIMUN. Diane is delighted to co-chair for the WHO this year at CUIMUN, and is looking forward to meeting all of you!

Hobbies: In her free time, she plays tennis with her university team and is a ski-enthusiast during the winter season. She is passionate about volunteering work in the field of education, including spending a fantastic summer in the mountains of Ladakh in India to help children in need.

Fun Fact: She is very curious about Asian culture, having lived in Singapore and Shanghai when she was younger.